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‘Peeche Pada Panchak’ is a story that will amaze you at every moment. It’s a nice comic published by Raj Comics. This comic is worth reading and is impeccably crafted with the proper usage of satirical words and vocabularies.

Sold out!

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The story is quite adventurous. It will tell you about the witty feats that are employed by Bankelal to rescue his life from Panchak. For that, Bankelal has to collect five gems and give it to Panchak. However, collecting these gems is a hard nut to crack. Anyhow, Bankelal collected four gems and took them to Panchak.  Only the last one is left. And he proceeds to get the fifth gem. 

On his way, he comes across a gigantic and drastic demon. It was the Demon of the Tree. Bankelal was unaware of this huge trouble. He was really regretful and thinking “why did he cross the tree?” On the contrary, Peda was happy as he got a new prey and was pretty sure of chasing Bankelal. 

What a terrible moment! Are you excited to know this “How will Bankelal get rid of all these messes and save his life in the end?”, then purchase the comic and satisfy your curiosity.