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Bankelal – Piche Pada Bhalu


Buy Bankelal – Piche Pada Bhalu Raj Comics online. What happens when a bear is behind Bankelal what mischief is he causing.Bankelal is a hero from Raj comics published in Hindi, he is always plotting to capture the throne of Vishalgarh and kill the king Vikram Singh but due to the curse given to him by Lord Shiva he always fails in his motives. What mischief is he doing in this comic find out.

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Peeche Pada Bhalu Bankelal comics is another funny comics by Bedi ji for Raj comics. In this comic we find that Raj Vikram SIngh has been infected by a disease and he needs pure honey to cure the problem how will Bankelal find the honey and why have the bears started chasing him. Find out in this funny comics today.


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