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Crookbond Aur Mr Ajooba


Buy Online Crookbond Aur Mr Ajooba Crookbond is one of the popular fictional character produced by Manoj Comics.Crookbond comics are funny, entertaining, and filled with thrill and action.

Crookbond imagines himself as the descendant of James Bond and is a double secret agenet. He along with his brother Motu and father Dhamaka Singh, who is a police office fights crime in the city.

Crookboand is physically not much build up and lean, but his intelligence and wisdom make him successful against his rivals. His every mission is filled with adventure and hillarious situational comedy.

The double agents have a super car that has various gadgets in build and it can perform various tasks such as flying and throwing lasers and acid on enemies.

Crookbond has no superhuman powers, he mostly wins against his rival with the help of his intelligence and luck. Most of the missions of Crookbond revolve around saving the world from the evil people and retrieving some important documents from the evil heads.

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In this comics of Mr Ajooba we find that our hero Crookbond gets to meet his friend who is a scientist and a professor. Professor has made a time traveling car. He shows Crookbond how he can travel back and forth in time. After the demonstration all of a sudden a burglar comes out from the bushes and shoots professor. He tries to shoot Crookbond as well and take over the car. But Crookbond is saved when he gets in the car and he travels back in car. How will he save the professor and what all will happen to him in the past find out in this amazing comics.

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