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He-Man Slave City Mini Comics


Buy Online He-Man Slave City Mini Comics – Diamond Comics. This is a mini comics and not a free comics which comes with Fudgi Chocolate. The story of slave city starts when Prince Adams who is He-Man in desguise walks in a forest and comes across a woman who was attacked by bad guys. She tells them about a place where slavery exists. How will He-Man stop this in Eternia find out in this mini comics. Colours of the comics are very vibrant and it has very good picture quality.

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Pages: 14 (Middle ad page is missing doesn’t affect the story)

Sold out!

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He man goes to the slave city to save the people but is knocked down by a big boulder and loses his memory. He is then taken into prison of Lodar. He is then made to fight a man named Garn to become free. What happens next find out in this action packed mini comics. Published by Diamond comics in English. This is a rare comics.


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