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Judo Queen Radha Kali Bijli


Buy Judo Queen Radha Kali Bijli Radha Comics online. A robot named Kali bijili is out there attacking people and stealing things. When Judo Queen Radha fights this Kali Bijli she is hit by a lightening bolt. What happens next how will she survive and whom does she meet in the jungles is he a friend or a foe. Who is controlling this black lightening or Kali Bijli Robot find out in this rare comic? Next comics in the series is Madam Maddona.

Pages: 32
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Kaali Bijli is a robot who is stealing things for her master and when confronted by Judo Queen Radha she beats her badly. How will her main character Judo Queen Radha stop her find out in this action packed comics. This is the prequel to the Madam Maddona comics. This is a hard to find comics grab it before it is gone.


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