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Read this fascinating story of Nagraj. He is stilled loved by people of all age groups and was quite popular among the comic readers. This superhero is unlike any other superhero as he has some great powers. नागराज आंतकवाद के खिलाफ अपने अभियान में पहुँचता है एरोउप । वहॉ उसे खत्म करना है हंटर और सीमैन को । तब खत्म होगी यह खुनी जंग ।

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Nagraj is now in Europe to eliminate terrorism. Here Nagraj meets his journalist friend Tina. Nagraj fights a wresting match with Solo. He wins the fight and thrashes Solo badly. After,this Nagraj casually hires a Taxi to Monte Carlo to meet main villain Hunter. Entry of Hunter in comics is very exclusive.

Now,Nagraj meets SeaMan. Who warns to kill Nagraj and gift people of Monte Carlo with rain of his blood.

Will Nagraj be able to reach the Sea Man after he defeats Hunter. To know you will have to read this action pack story.
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