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Mahabali Shaka aur Lohe ka Shaitan


Buy Mahabali Shaka aur Lohe ka Shaitan Diamond comics online. Mahabali Shaka is facing some deadly robots trying to invade his jungle. Mahabali Shaka who is the savior of the jungle finds himself against some metallic robots controlled by an old man called Hitler. These robots were designed to cross his jungle and safely allow the drug dealers to pass through the jungle.

(First 10 pages have pen mark around the edges, doesn’t impact the storyline)

Condition: Used/Average and pages have aged.
Pages: 32

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A mad scientist named Hitler has created evil robots to help various gang members easily cross the borders so they can ship the drugs across the border. They test it first in the jungles of Mahabali Shaka what will happen next find out in this rare comics Mahabali Shaka aur Lohe ke shaitan.


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