Phantom Comics #5 and #6 Regal Comics
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Phantom Comics #5 and #6 Regal Comics

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Regal Comics has launched the Phantom issue number 5 and 6 which are the Christmas special issues of 2020. These two Phantom comics are published on glossy paper and have around 56 pages and two stories each. These two comics from Regal Publishers have been marked at around 200 rs each.
The issue number #5 includes stories, “The love triangle and The lost kingdom of Avaria”. Where as the issue #6 includes stories, “The accursed land” and “The dirty half dozen” both have been written by Tony De Paul and art by Paul Ryan.
Country/language: India / English
Format: 18 × 26 cm
Pages: 56 pgs, full color
Paper: Glossy
Publishing date: December 1, 2020
Publishing company: Regal Publishers
Writer: Tony De Paul
Artist: Paul Ryan

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Buy these amazing Phantom comics #5 and #6 at discounted prices before they are gone. Regal publishers have helped to bring back the glorious days of Phantom comics back in India. Get a free poster with every order. The ghost who walks Phantom is a super hero created by Lee Falk who protects the jungles of Bangla and its tribes from porchers and other bad guys. He has a pet dog and horse. He does not have any super power and uses his genius level intellect to defeat his enemies.


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