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Kiya Maut Ko Telephone’ is a thrilling comics based upon an amazing story and how Anthony made effective efforts to protect it. The story revolves around a treasure of a king. Many robbers or goons made different attempts to steal the treasure and all these attempts were failed by the lead character of the story —Anthony.

Sold out!

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This comic is literally interesting and each part is highly engaging. Trust me! Your love for reading will enhance with each stanzas.

The main character of the story —Anthony is an outstanding character with superhuman power, strength, stamina, stability, durability, agility, invulnerability, regenerative healing power and many more. He is immortal with supersensitive senses. He is able to do telepathy and create hellfire. 

It is an incredible character and is inspired from ‘The Crow’ created by James O’Baar. The origin of the character occurs when Anthony was murdered and then recreated by nature with extraordinary qualities. Anthony was a talented singer who was popular because of his ‘Crow Sangeet’ (Crow Music) all around the world. This made him an element of jealousy and was killed by his enemies who envied his success and gravity. However, nature resurrected him and made him immortal. His corpse, generally, lies lifeless and motionless and the corpse was also tried to be possessed by various evil characters of the comics. 


Hurry guys! What are you waiting for! Grab it and satisfy your hunger for thrills at an economical rate.

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