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Tauji aur Patal ka Bauna Jadugar


Tauji aur Patal ka Bauna Jadugar by Diamond comics in Hindi. Rare comics of magician Tauji and his magical wand helps find evils.

Back cover is damaged.

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Tauji Diamond Comics is a popular comic book series published by Diamond Comics. The series revolves around the adventures of a character named “Tauji,” who is depicted as a wise and witty uncle figure. Tauji’s stories are known for their humorous and light-hearted approach, often incorporating social and cultural themes.

Tauji Diamond Comics offer entertaining and relatable narratives, appealing to readers of all ages. The character of Tauji has become beloved among comic book enthusiasts, and his stories provide a blend of comedy, family dynamics, and life lessons.

Through Tauji Diamond Comics, readers can enjoy engaging and fun-filled comic book experiences, following the delightful escapades of Tauji and his interactions with various characters in his world.


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