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Angara comics – Set 14 Comics India


Buy Angara comics – Set 14 Comics India. Angara is comic character from Tulsi comics which has been republished by Comics India. Angara has the power of various animals he has been created by a scientist in India to save the jungles.  There are 4 comics in this set

Angara aur Commando Dragon
Angara aur Boksa ki Takkar
Angara aur Bhooton ka Raja
Angara aur Charlie ka bhoot

Sold out!

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Angara has to fight a big dragon who breathes fire and engulfs Angara during his fight what happens next find out in this digest comics of Angara, where as in boksa ki takkar and Bhooton ka Raja Angara has to fight a man who has mysterious powers of shape changing and other magical powers. Along with that Charlie has been declared dead but comes back to life some how what all is happening in these 4 Angara comics find out today by buying the whole set.


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