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Ashwaraj-AshwaSamraat – Buy Online

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If you are a fiction lover, then this comic is a wholesome treat for you. ‘Ashwasamrat Ashwaraj’ is a fictional comic published by Raj Comics. A fiction that can’t be easily erased from your mind.

The comic presents a blend of magic with power. The whole plot of the story in the comic is exciting and worth reading. You will feel amazed as you proceed forward with the story. It is truly good and full of charming deeds (Tilism).

Sold out!

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Ashwaraj is purely an Indian character presented by Raj Comics through their publishings. Basically, Ashwaraj is a Suryawanshi prince of Ashwalok. Ashwalok is a fictional world where human-horses exist.

Ashwaraj is a gallant character and is blessed with the power of changing its shape and has an extremely sumptuous amount of physical strength. In short, he can wishfully change his looks and appearance. 

He also owns five horses— namely, Ashwvat, Raktambar, Kalakhor, Shravyashakto, and Neelkanthh— which remain attached to his cart. Each of the horses are powerful and possess some special abilities. Ashwvat can talk and understand any language easily and promptly. Raktambar is blessed with powerful viewing ability. Kalakhor has a keen smelling ability. Shravyashakti is well-versed with hearing ability. Neelkanthh is adorned with a powerful analysis calibre. 

For real-time experience,buy the book and relive the experience from your childhood.

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