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Pralayankari Ashwaraj


Love of Ashwaraj, son of Suryavanshi king Tarapido of Ashlok and Ashwakirti, daughter of Chandravanshi king Ashwatank was known to all.

Evil Tutabuta planned to obtain the treasure of Karun by using their infamous love.

And, trapped Ashwaraj, Ashwakirti, Tarapido and Ashwatanka.

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Ashwaraj and Ashwakirti lost their lives in this consparisy of Tutabuta.

But, Ashwaraj took rebirth.And,won his love from past who also took rebirth in form Kudumchhumb in a Rath Marathon.

But once again Ashwaraj stood in the trap of Tutabuta’s conspiracies near Karun Ka Khajana .

What happens now ?

Read on to know.

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