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Ashwamani Ashwaraj’ presents an outstanding story line and has eye-catching art work too. It is full of adventures and indulges the reader into it. It is a fantastic comic presented by Raj Comics. This fictional story is full of twists and turns that enhances the glamour and charm of the story.

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The plot of the story revolves around Ashwaraj who is searching for the Treasure of Karoon for the sake of his fiancee’s life. However, Maharishi Phoonkmasaan doesn’t want him (Ashwaraj) to acquire the Treasure of Karoon.  Therefore, he is sending his disciple one by one to stop him and obstruct his path. Kudumchhumbi’s father— Chintit Singh was worried about her daughter. In the meantime, Maharishi Phoonkmasaan is telling Chintit Singh the story of Ashwaraj’s previous birth where he fled away with his lady love Ashwakirti, but Ashwakirti betrayed him after reaching the Valley of Karoon.

At that time, Ashwaraj was the son of the Suryawanshi emperor Tarpido and Ashwakirti was the daughter of Chandrawanshi Emperor Ashwantak. There was an extreme enmity between the Suryawanshis and Chandrawanshis.

Like really!! Why did Ashwakirti betray Ashwaraj?  Will Ashwaraj be able to tackle all the drastic hurdles and obstacles and reach the Treasure of Karoon? Will he be able to save his fiancee’s life? Why did Phookmasaan not want Ashwaraj to access the Treasure of Karoon? What will happen next? 

To find the accurate answers regarding these curiosities, buy the comic and go through it. You would love it. 

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