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Ashwaraj Tilism Ka Khiladi


Ashwaraj, the winner of the chariot marathon, who had set out to take the treasures of Karun.

Maharishi Funkamsan was ready to stop him in the path.

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Maharishi Funkamsan was telling the story of Ashwaraj to Chincit Singh and worried about how Ashwaraj.

He told the story of Ashwaraj that how he saved his beloved Ashwakirti, his Suryavanshi father.

And to save Ashwakirti’s Chandravanshi father, he came back to the Karun Ghati.

Where Ashwakirti had cheated Ashwaraj because by deceit he had brought her to Karun Ghati.

Chandravanshi emperor Ashwatank,then followed by Ashwin jumped in Tilisim.

How Tilisim Ka Khiladi Ashwaraj slaughtered the Chandravanshi army alone.

Read the comics to know further..

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