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Kubda Rajkumar Raj Comics


Kubda Rajkumar is one of the early comics of publishers Raj comics. The serial number of this comics is GENL-0110. Story has been written by Raja and artwork is done by the famous Dilip Kadam ji of Kadam Studio. Story of the comics starts from the city of ShaktiNagar. Where King named Kushalsen is very happy with his people. One day his wife gives birth to a son who is hunchback by birth. His wife the queen then passes away. The king though loves his son marries and a new woman. The step mother throughs the prince out of the kingdom what happens next find out in this comics Kubda RajKumar.

Condition: Used / Good minor coverage damage
Story: Raja Pages: 64
Art: Dilip Kadam, Vijay Kadam(Trishul Comico)
Editor: Manish Chandra Gupta

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The prince with a hunchback is one day thrown out of his kingdom. When he finds that his step mother who is a daughter of a magician has does not love him and he is becoming a burden for his father. He goes on to a another town killing a demon but later he has to leave that kingdom as well, because of his physical appearance no one likes to be around him. He then fights a bear and is badly wounded. He is taken over by a priest, where he attends rest of his studies until he turns 19. On the other hand his step brother is 12 and is doing mischief around the town. One day his step brother who was mocking a priest was cursed to become a demon. The cursed prince comes back to the kingdom and takes his parents to kill the priest for revenge. What happens next you should find out by reading the comics. The next part of this comics is Sadhu ka Shrap. In this new print both comics are included.


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