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Bankelal Devlok Mein


Buy Bankelal devlok mein Raj comics online. What happens when Bankelal and Vikram Singh are sent to the heavens or Devlok but Bankelal is unable to enter because he had thrown away the crown which was on his head. He is thrown by the guards how will Bankelal enter the heavens find out in this funny comics by Bedi ji.

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Bankelal and Vikram Singh find themselves at the door of heavens or Devlok after going to various loks by the curse of a saint. But after a short argument  with Vikram Singh Bankelal throws away his crown and is hence denied entry in the heavens by the guards because no one can enter the heavens without the crown. Now Bankelal is finding different ways to enter heaven and teach them a lesson. He even tries to enter the party of Lord Shiva but fails to gain access to Devlok what happens next find out in this funny comic book by Raj comics.


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