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Bankelal Sarplok Mein

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Bankelal is literally an interesting comic character presented by Raj Comics. Bankelal has the desire to become the King of Vishalgarh and dethrone Vikram Singh. Yet this person is not a n annoying character. Instead, he is a lovely character who charms the reader with humour. Raj Comics is well-versed in crafting fiction beautifully in words.

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King Vikram Singh and Bankelal were roaming in different divine worlds due to the curse of Kankadbaba. This time they reached the Sarplok. In the Sarplok, a Moustache Contest is going on and King Vikram Singh won against Bankelal. This made Bankelal angry as he was mocked because of his defeat. As a result, Bankelal clean-shaved the moustache of Amar Vishpuri, the King of Sarplok.

At the same time, the Baajmanav (half human and half eagle) of the Baajlok are torturing and the snakes of the Sarplok were terrified by these Baajmanav. They used to pick the snakes without any faults and fly away to their land. The snakes were helpless as they were unable to resist these Baajmanav and protect themselves from their attacks.

Will Bankelal be able to help these snakes to sort out this situation?

Let’s see what happens next!! Be prepared!!


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