Gudeek Bhokal Comics Buy Online Guneek
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Gudeek Bhokal Comics Buy Online Guneek


Guneek is one the best comics from Bhokal’s series. Drawn by Kadam studio the art was amazing. Editor Manish Gupta and writer Sanjay Gupta. This story brings forward a new villain named Guneek who is a intelligent person and wants to kill Bhokal. He enters the royal court and soon becomes the favourite minister in Vikas Nagar. By the end of this comics Bhokal is being subjected to capital death penalty. How will he survive is found in the next comics Fansi do bhokal ko.

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Bhokal Gudeek or Guneek comics buy online. Bhokal is a super hero from Raj comics published in Hindi. He is from the Parilok region. Where all the fairies have been killed. He now lives in Vikas Nagar. In this comics he meets his enemy Guneek for the first time. Guneek comes to Vikas Nagar and easily gains the confidence of the queen. He plots against Bhokal and makes it look that he is the person trying to kill the queen. In the end bhokal is captured by the soldiers and a death sentence is ordered. The sequel of this comics is Fansi Do Bhokal Ko.

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