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Bhokal is another awesome comic character produced by Raj Comics. The artwork of the comic is tremendously attractive. The story consists of the effective negative character who is a Biologist named Durbhiksh. However, the story tells about how Rani Mohini who was a positive character changed into a negative one after gaining supernatural powers.

How Bhokal controls these disordered circumstances is further in the comics.

The Comics is in readable and collectable condition cover is a bit weird out.

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Sold out!

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Durbhiksh made an efficient plot by which he was successfully able to send Bhokal out of the town Vikashnagar. Durbhiksh was a cruel person who atrociously tortures and assassinates different living creatures.Which include people of Vikashnagar for his experiments and researches. The people of the town are terrified and the queen was stressed.

In order to cope up with such terrible situations and to stop the atrocities of Durbhiksh. Rani Mohini learnt the way of acquiring and utilizing magical powers. However, after sorting out this matter, Rani Mohini didn’t stop using the powers.

Rather, she was employing her powers in the wrong way and torturing her own subjects.

Let’s see how Bhokal will be able to protect the innocent people of Vikashnagar and what will be his next move.

This comic is a collectible edition and after reading this, you would definitely feel cherished.