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Chacha Chaudhary America Mein


Buy Chacha Chaudhary America mein comics online. Published by Diamond comics in Hindi. What happens when Chacha ji and Sabu are invited to America. Fast moving cars and tall buildings surround chacha ji. Not to mention that he finds trouble makers and mystery to solve even there. How does Sabu help chacha ji find out in this comics Chacha Chaudhary America mein. Buy this rare comics today.

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One day an american comes to Chacha Chaudhary saying that he has been invited to America because of his good work and public service. Chacha ji agrees to travel to America but says that Sabu is too big to fit in an aeroplane so Chacha ji is told that Sabu can sit outside the plane and so the two travel to America. In the flight a highjacked tries to take over the plane but is met only by Chacha ji’s bamboo. What other adventures do Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu have to face in the foreign land find out in this rare old cover design of Chacha Chaudhary America mein comic.


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