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Chacha Chaudhary Aur Raka ki Wapasi


Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu’s biggest nemesis Raka is back causing chaos in the city. As you are aware Raka became immortal after drinking medicine from Chakramacharya vaidya. Raka was a robber earlier and was fleeing away from the police when one day he drank a bottle of medicine from the ayurvedic doctor’s home and turned to a fearsome villain. Buy Chacha ji’s rare comics online.

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Raka became huge and powerful after drinking the bottle of medicine, he gained super human strength and was able to fight even powerful super heroes like Sabu. There are several comes of Raka published by Diamond comics in Hindi. He is a popular villain of Chacha Chaudhary’s comics. One thing to notice is that usually blood and gore is not shown in Chacha ji’s comics but in Raka series of comics you will find him on a killing spree. Buy this comics to get into the action today.


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