Chacha Chaudhary Sabu Kale Tapu Mein
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Chacha Chaudhary Sabu Kale Tapu Mein


Chacha Chaudhary Sabu Kale Tapu Mein is a story where we find that a man named Vilaytiram is crying because his flight for Tokyo was missed as the cab driver could not reach in time. Chacha Chaudhary uses his brain and asks Sabu to kick him so hard that he can catch the plane which is flying high in the sky. Unfortunately the plane on which Vilaytiram lands is not going towards Tokyo rather its going towards Africa and he lands in a deserted tribal village where the tribal people are about to cook him. Chacha ji soon realizes his mistake and asks Sabu to get on a next plane to help this man. What happens next can be read in the story drawn by cartoonist Pran in this amazingly action packed comics.

Pages: 46

Sold out!

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This is another action packed comics of Chacha Chaudhary. Kids love Chacha ji because of his amazing skills to solve cases and defeat the bad guys. The stories of Diamond comics are very simple and is targeted towards younger audience. Buy this Hindi comics online. चाचा चौधरी-साबू काले टापू में

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