Dark Horse Superman Trazan 2 Of 3
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Dark Horse Superman Trazan 2 Of 3


Buy Online Dark Horse Superman Trazan 2 Of 3 Jointly Published by Drak Horse and DC .Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle was a four-issue constrained issues printed in 1999. It was jointly published, distributed together by DC and Dark Horse Comics (who possessed the permit to Tarzan at that point).

Single Issue.

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A minuscule space-case soaring from a damned, mostly secret world met an accident in East Africa, interfering with a horrible insurrection off the Jungle coast. Who might realize that this single irregular occasion would disturb the known course of existence?

It effects the lives of two unbelievable comic-book legends – Superman and Tarzan – on altogether different ways.

Stranded Kal-El, last overcomer of Krypton, is currently the one raised by primates to turn into the strong Lord of the Jungle.

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