DC Comics Catwoman Issue 6
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DC Comics Catwoman Issue 6


Buy Online Catwoman Issue 6 ,Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is a fictional character by Bill Finger and Bob Kane which appears in American Comic Book by DC Comics as a close associate of Batman.

Catwoman is one of the Dark Knight’s most abiding enemy and belongs to team of villains.

However, down the line a complex love and hate relationship developed between Batman and Catwoman.

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Sold out!

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Selina was held suspect of a murder she never commited.

Now the Cops were hunting for her.

Her serious and clam looks made her look like a culprit.

Catwoman has no other alternative other than to meet kingpin Mrs. Creel.

And, the real motive unfolds?Either you work for Us or Die?.

Selina tries her best to get rid of the situation she is in.

But, Mrs. Creel is no novice in games and then begins the chase of Catwoman.

Which alarms the Local Cops against her actions!!

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