DC Comics Ragman #2 (2017)
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DC Comics Ragman #2 (2017)


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Originally published: 8 November 2017

Author: Ray Fawkes

Genre: Comics

Illustrator: Inaki Miranda

It happens when a pair of demons attack Rory’s Dad to get their hands on the Suit of Souls.

Rory takes them on and jumps into battle. But,he has very little experience with the Suit of Souls.

Rory gets enmeshed in nightmares.

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Sold out!

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Rory Regan had grown up helping his Junk man father who owned a pawn shop.

His father dream of making Rory’s life better and promised that someday they would be rich.

One night Rory’s Dad and his friends found 2 million United States dollars stuffed inside an old mattress which was pawned recently.

They hid the money for Rory’s future.

But, they were on alarm of Cops and tortured to death.

Rory then wore costume of Rags to avenge their death.

What happens next.

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