Doga Gainda
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Doga Gainda


Buy Genda comics online or Gainda comics of Doga by Raj comics. This is another action packed story of our super hero Doga. In this story there is a rich man called Deenanath who wants to acquire land illegally where poor people are living in slums. What he does is he asks his pawns to burn down the slums and create a land where he can build high rise buildings. What happens next how Doga manages to save these poor people can be found in this comics. Genda – RC 446

Condition: Used
Paper: Non Glossy Original comics
Written by Sanjay Gupta, Drawn by Manu and Edited by Manish Gupta.

Sold out!

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Doga-Genda or Gainda is a story where a rich man named Seth Deenanath illegally captures the land where the poor slum dwellers live. His pawns have fataly injured the masters of Doga as well. Namely Kali, Mirch. They have also beaten Inspector Cheeta while he was shopping with his sister. How will Doga take on these bad guys who are doing personal attacks on his family members and teachers. Find out in this action packed comics. Published by Raj comics in Hindi. गैंडा डोगा कॉमिक्स ऑनलाइन खरीदें राज कॉमिक्स

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