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Doga Tiranga


Buy Doga Tiranga comics by Raj comics published in Hindi. What happens when a person who is frustrated with the justice system takes the law in his own hands. Doga is a fictional character from Raj comics published in Hindi. Doga is an antihero and first appeared in November 1992 in his comics Curfew. It was created by Tarun Kumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta and artwork was done by Manu. He wears a mask to hide his identity and lives in Mumbai. In real life he is a young man named Suraj who has seen several hardships when he was young. He was then trained at a gym called Lion Gym where four of his masters taught him how to fight. These masters were Adrak, Dhaniya, Haldi and Kali Mirch.

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Doga is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and a skilled marksman. He is at his peak of human strength. He uses weapons to bring down his enemy. Most of his enemies are eliminated forever and he does not leave them alive. He believes in eliminating crime from the root. Some of his popular enemies include Kaal Paheliya, Janine Chatterjee, Bihari Bhai, Bulldog, Raat Ki Rani, etc. Doga can talk to dogs and uses a fair amount of arsenal to defend himself.

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