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Fighter Toads Khel Khatam

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Buy Online Fighter Toads Comics GENL-0740 KHEL KHATAM

Fighter Toads are episodic toads which feature in Raj Comics. Their individual names are Computerr, Masterr, Cuterr and Shooterr (“terr” is the sound that creatures of toads in Hindi Comics). These were made by “Dhananjaya”, one of the friends of Super Commando Dhruva, which is another Raj Comics character.

Animated close to look like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these characters trended high in their pilot first year. These comic books were published in a bigger than normal size from the beginning, but have been reduced to normal size.

All things considered Anupam Sinha draws and writes Fighter Toads’ comic books anyway in the center of for a long time sketch craftsman Dilip Chaubey similarly had plunked down.

You will revere their engaging, diverting trickeries, the attracting stories and their doing combating stunts that will make you acknowledge and make pull for them.

Pages: 64
Language: Hindi
Author: Anupam Sinha, Tarun Kumar Wahi
Penciler: Anupam Sinha
Condition: Used Book HAS NO COVER PAGE


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