Crorepati Fighter Toads Comics Buy Online
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Crorepati Fighter Toads Comics Buy Online


Buy Crorepati fighter toads comic in Hindi online. Published by Raj comics these 4 super heroes are funny characters who fight crime and always end up in trouble. This time they find themselves without money. So they try different things and end up with more than 3 crore rupees in their hands. How they get the money and why do they want to get rid of this money can be found in this comics. करोड़पति फाइटर टोड्स की हिंदी कॉमिक्स ऑनलाइन खरीदें पब्लिशर राज कॉमिक्स। चित्रांकन अनुपम सिन्हा, विनोद कुमार द्वारा किया गया है

This is a coverless used comics. 

Condition: Used/ Poor/ Cover missing

Pages: 64

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Crorepati Fighter Toads comics buy online published by Raj comics in Hindi. As you are aware fighter toads have a knack of picking up troubles in this comics as well. They find themselves deprived of money. They want to visit cinema hall watch movies, go to amusement park but are thrown away because they don’t have money. They catch a peanut seller who is selling peanuts at a very high price. Fighter Toads decide to sell all his peanuts at 5 rs and whatever money is collected they give it to him. Doing all these mischiefs they end up with a gangster who hands them a large sum of money. This is where the trouble starts read the comics to know how they end up with more than 3 crore rupees and still are unhappy with it. The early Fighter Toads comics were drawn by Anupam Sinha and Vinod Kumar.

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