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Bhokal Khatron ki Dharti


Khatron ki Dharti is a rare Bhokal comics which was published on 1 January, 1994. The story showcases all the friends including Atikrur, Shutan and his later wife Turin. The story starts with a random demon coming to Vikas Nagar and beheading every other citizen. But there hero Bhokal is missing. In the palace Turin asks why Bhokal is not out there to save the citizen he does not answer. Why is Bhokal doing so find out in this action packed comics Khatron ki Dharti.

Weight 70 g
Condition: Used/Average
Dimensions 203 × 154 cm
ISBN 9789332406742
Writer Sanjay Gupta
Penciller Chandu Studio
Binding Paperback
Language Hindi
Pages 64

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Turin is agigated with Bhokal to find out that he is not there to save the citizen of Vikas Nagar. She along with her pet cat Kapala go to fight the demo who is beheading citizen of Vikas Nagar. But she is easily defeated and falls unconscious. Later when she wakes up, she starts beating Bhokal only to find out that whenever Bhokal says the magic words Bhokal to summon his magical sword he turns into a demon himself for some reason his symbol which was marked on his right hand has now moved to his left hand. What is the story behind all this and how will Atikrur and Shutan fight this menace along with Bhokal find out as Tillu also comes to help the gang. Buy Khatron ki Dharti Bhokal comics online.


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