Fighter Toads-Topi Chand Jasoos
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Fighter Toads-Topi Chand Jasoos

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Topi Chand Jasoos is a comics of Fighter Toads, who are funny cute characters from Raj comics published in Hindi. They are mutants created by Dhanajay from Swarn Nagri. In this comics we find that Master the leader of fighter Toads is in a fight club beating up bad guys and when he comes out we find that there is a detective who is named Topi Chand Jasoos. He looks similar to Fighter Toads, what will happen in this confusion will the bad guys attack Fighter Toads. Buy this comics to know more.

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Fighter Toads are cute characters from Raj comics who make us laugh with their fun acts. They fight bad guys as well and live in the gutter hiding from everyone. They wear a large sized over coat so people around them are not scared.

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