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Gurutva Bhokal Comics


Bhokal has to fight the people who live in the center of the earth. The place is called Gurutwalok. The arch enemy of Bhokal named Durgama sets these people against Bhokal. How will Bhokal survive against these strong men find out in this action packed comics. This is a used comics please expect minor wear, tear and aging.

Writer: Sanjay Gupta
Editor: Manish Gupta
Art Work: Kadam Studios
Pages: 32
Condition: Good/Used

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The people of Gurutwa Lok and Bhokal are set up to fight each other over the powers of gravity. This has been done by Durgama who is the enemy of Bhokal and wants him dead. How does Bhokal reach the center of the earth and fight these super humans and win find out in this action packed comics from Raj Comics.


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