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Gamraj Clonewar Buy Online


Gamraj is Son of Yamraj the Goad Of Death in Hindu Mythology.He has emotional and sentimental attacchments to the people of earth.He his living with normal people.He was permitted by his father to lead a normal life as a mortal.

He is accompanied by a buffalo Mahish. Who is a son of Buffalo (Yamunda) who accompanies is father.

Living here on Earth, Gamraj met Shantalu who is living with his wife Ratalu and their 12 children. Gamraj is now solving problems of Shantalu and other people he live with.

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In Gamraj Clonewar, Gamraj is busy with his life and solving pity problems of Shantalu and his kids.

When a scientist does an experiment to transforms animals into clones.

He makes clones of every animal and they are controlled by him to do evil.

Story continues as he creates the clone of Gamraj who is doing all kinds of wrongs in the city.


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