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Gamraj Adal Badal Buy Online


Gamraj Adal Badal Buy Hindi comics Online. In this comics Gamraj finds out that every one has turned into animal and animals have turned into humans. His friend Shankalu has become a donkey and has started eating grass. What is happening and how are people turning into animals. Is this some evil scientist. Buy this funny comics to know more.

गमराज कॉमिक्स अदल बदल

Sold out!

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Gamraj comics Adal Badal Buy Online. Gamraj is the son of Yamraj who is the god of death. He is the cartoon character from Raj comics published in Hindi. He along with his pet buffalo called Yamunda fight the bad guys. In this comics we find that Gamraj sees several people who have changed into animals and animals who have changed into humans.

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