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Judo Queen Radha – Jadu ki Gudiya Radha Comics


Buy Online Jadu ki Gudiya Judo Queen Radha – Comics. Jadoo ki Gudiya is another action packed comics of judo queen Radha. The story starts when four guys are chasing Radha while she hides in a house which has its window open. she finds that it is the house of Professor Mantra Singh. He tells him that someone has stolen his doll which he had made to fight crime. What is the whole story about find out in this mysterious Radha comics.

Pages: 32

Condition: Used/ Average

Story: Rajat Rajwanshi

Comics Star: Harvinder Makand

Editor: Manish Jain

Sold out!

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This the second part of the comics Afat ki pudiya. In this comics we find out that Professor Mantar Singh has created a doll to find out and record drug dealers. Some how one of the gang members finds out about the doll and captures it but he is unable to get the hands on the recordings which the doll has taped about the crime. Will the gang members find the tape before Radha does find out in this comics. Jadoo ki Gudiya starring Judo Queen Radha.


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