Motu Chotu Aur Anokha Dweep
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Motu Chotu Aur Anokha Dweep


The story revolves around Motu and Chotu, two friends living in Furfuri Nagar,and their daily activities.

The show focuses on the two landing themselves in trouble and comical situations, later being rescued only by sheer luck.

Samosas are Motu’s favourite food, and he frequently tries to steal them from the local Chaiwala who makes the best samosas in the city.

Author: Mr. Gulshan Rai
Condition: Used Average-Cover Page is Torn


Sold out!

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Motu is mainly the black sheep of the duo, unintentionally creating problems due to his incompetency while Chotu is the smart one that always tries to stop him.

Sometimes, characters like Ghasitaram Dr. Jhatka and Chingum help them.

However, Ghasitaram at times misdirects and swindles them by making them try Dr. Jhatka’s vast repertoire of quirky gadgets and gizmos.

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