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Nagraj Aur Kanja Buy Online


Nagraj aur Kanja comics buy online. Nagraj faces a female super villain named Kanja who is from a different planet. She has magical powers which allow people to be teleported to a different planet. What happens when Nagraj is teleported as well find out in this amazing comics. नागराज और कांजा कॉमिक्स

Comics is in good condition. This is original comics with the contest page inside.


Sold out!

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Nagraj aur Kanja is a comics where a female named Kanja comes to earth and with the help of her magical powers she is transmitting everyone to a different dimension. She holds a magical staff with a diamond on it. Some criminals did try to steal it from her but failed. Find out what happens when Nagraj is also teleported to a different dimension by Kanja.

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