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Parmanu Daddu


This is again one new series of Parmanu who has powers to save against all odds and Daddu who has qualities of frogs who can jump higher than anyone and Ms Antenna.

इंस्पेक्टर विनय कुछ चोरो का पीछा करते हुए । उनसे हीरे बरामद करता है ।पर तभी वह एक जोर का धमाका होता है ।
और सामने आता हाउ डड्डू जो मेढक के सामान उछलता है ।उसके साथ है मिस ऐन्टेना जिसके सर पे तितली के सामान डांक है ।
ये सब क्या है ये जानने के लिए इंस्पेक्टर विनय बनता है फिर से परमाणु ।

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The story is about Inspector Vinay who is after a criminal running from him.

But they surrendered and he found Diamond with them cost of crores. He found something suspicious but not able to find out.

Then some blast happens……how? Daddu also came who had qualities of frog and got some trouble with inspector Vinay, also there is Ms Antenna who sent Todu to kill the inspector.

Lot of mysterious things are going on.

You can buy or read online to solve all these queries and see how this time Pramanu will come and save inspector Vinay from these Daddu, Todu, Ms Anntena and all criminals, why everyone is after him and what happens to those diamonds. there is more! Let’s read.

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