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Nagraj Kobrak Visharpi Buy Online

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Nagraj disguises as robber Kobarak’s in order to get close to the angry Visharpi.

Visharpi is aware of this secret and accepts Nagaraj in the disguise of Kobrak.

Both of them start playing a game of hide and seek. But, this game takes a terrible turn.

When an evil power disguised as Kobarak comes to Visharpi and the adventure then reaches its peak.


Sold out!

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Nagraj veils as criminal Kobrak’s to gravitate toward to the perturbed Visharpi.

Visharpi thinks about this riddle and recognizes Nagaraj in the veil of Kobrak.

Them two starting playing a series of discover the stowaway. Notwithstanding, this game takes an unpleasant turn.

Right when a loathsome power disguised as Kobrak comes to Visharpi and the involvement with that point shows up at its zenith.

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