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Nagraj Nagadheesh

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Buy Nagadheesh Nagraj Comics online published by Raj Comics in Hindi. Artwork by Anupam Sinha ji the story of Nagraj been divided in two halves. What happens when the people of Nagdweep decide that Nagraj should stay on their island and live as king rather than going to the city. Nagadheesh then decides to split Nagraj in two halves what happens next find out in this action packed comic book.

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Nagraj is a popular Indian comic book superhero character who appears in Raj Comics. He was created in the late 1980s by Sanjay Gupta and was first published in 1986. Nagraj’s name comes from the Hindi words “nag” (snake) and “raj” (king), and he is depicted as a superhero with snake-like powers.


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