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Parmanu Fir Aaya Itihaas


A tremendous comic Fir Aaya Itihaas is launched in 2002 with a new mysterious and fascinating story of Parmanu and Itihaas.

इतिहास और परमाणु एक बार फिर आमने सामने है । इस बार इतिहास क्या सोच कर आया है ।
इस बार इतिहास एक तांत्रिक के साथ मिल कर शक्ति को अपने वश में कर लेता है ।
इतिहास अपनी नयी शक्तियों से परमाणु को इस्थिर कर देता है और शक्ति से उसे मरने को आदेश देता है ।
शक्ति के वार से परमाणु कुछ इस तरह बचता है की उसका ट्रांसमिटिंग बटन ऑन हो जाता है । वो लैब में पहुंच जाता है ।

This comic is in readable and collectable condition.Cover page is also intact.

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Itihaas again enters in this comic and now what he wants. Itihaas teams up with a Tantrik to take control of Shakti. Shakti,which is another character of Raj Comics has mystical powers. Itihaas orders Shakti to kill Parmanu while he immobilizes Parnamu.

Parmanu escapes the weapons thrown by Shakti in such away that it activates his atomizer button.   

Parmanu transmits himself to Lab with help of Robot Pamanu .

You will relate this is a totally new concept and well written by the writer by keeping his fan demand in mind. Itihaas come back with a new motive and to create challenges and to face Parmanu.

What are those? To get an answer must read Fir Aaya Itihaas a new version from Raj comics.

Also see the new face of Parmanu with new superpowers to handle him and to create history. Itihas will never think of it, his mistake of taking casual Parmanu will be a mistake this time. Find out why through this tremendous and adventurous story.

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