Parmanu Jurassic Kaal
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Parmanu Jurassic Kaal

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Parmanu’s comics Jurassic Kaal was published in early 1995. In this comics he fights the monsters from the Jurrasic era which are brought back to life by some experiment. The dinosaurs are creating menace in his city. He uses his advanced technology and powers to trap these beasts and save Delhi. जुर्रासिक काल परमाणु कॉमिक्स

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Parmanu is a super hero from Raj comics. He is a police officer by profession and gets his powers from the dress which he wears. This dress was designed by his Uncle who is a scientist. His belt also has super powers which allows him to change his size fire rings and do many more things like flying in the air. Transmission to another location etc. He is a popular character from Raj comics published in Hindi. He was well known for his series Ab Marega Parmanu.

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