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Parmanu Main to Abhi Aya hun


Buy Main to abhi aya hun Parmanu comics online. Main to abhi Aya hun is another action packed Parmanu comics. The yellow suited super hero from Raj comics has a powerful belt which grants in amazing powers. Behind the mask is an inspector named Vinay who protects the city of Delhi. The story of the comics starts when a rich man has been given a threat that he will be a shot at 11 am. He calls the police for extra security but only inspector Vinay comes up and shoots him.

Condition: Good
Writer: Tarun Kumar Wahi
Planing: Vivek Mohan
Penciling: Adil Khan
Inking: Manish, Jagdish
Caligraphy: Vijay Kumar
Colour: Sunil Pandey
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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In the next scene we find the private guards at Inspector Vinay’s house asking him to surrender and the reason why he shot their boss. Similarly in the other part of the city a lion is roaming freely which is then put in cage along with other innocent civilians by Parmanu. This animal wounds many people before the real Parmanu comes to their help. Who is behind all these plots and what does he want.

Main to abhi aya hun is a mysterious story. We find that Parmanu’s scientist uncle has built some clones and is using it to defame Vinay and Parmanu. A clone even agrees to marry his girlfriend. What all problems have the clones created for Parmanu and how will our super hero over come these problems find out in this action packed comics from Raj comics in Hindi.


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