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Raj comics always come with new superhero stories which fascinate the readers. In this series the next superhero that we are going to discuss is the Fighter Toads. It is a fictional character which is created by Anubhav Sinha and Dilip Kumar Chaubey and it first appeared in Fighter Toads comics with Nagraj and super commando Dhruv.

Fighter toads are the charcters created by Raj Comics which are funny and try their best to fight crime.But,nobody including the criminals take them seriously.

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Mar Gaye Toads is the story of the 1970s where one ship suddenly disappears in the ocean and is carrying illegal weapons, bombs. All of a sudden ocean water becomes poisonous and all fishes and other water animals start dying.

The Ship suddenly appears around the golden city where golden people live and 10 soldiers died with the contamination of poisonous water. The leader of city Dhananjay starts investigating the case and with the help of his scientist friend, he tries to save his city who have created Toad the robot.

Fighter toads decide to take hands with the criminals.They disappear from the city to keep close eye on criminals.

So in order to find out whether they will be successful in their mission or not you will have to read the comic.

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