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Phantom #3 Shakti Comics

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Buy Phantom #3 Shakti Comics online, action packed Shakti comics is republishing old strories of Phantom and bringing them back to life. Phantom the ghost who walks the jungles of Bengal and was created by Lee Falk can be found in these amazing action packed comics. This comic contains the story, “A Dente With Crime”.

Condition: Used/Very Good
Story : Tony DePaul
Art : Paul Ryan
Cover Art : Ankit Mitra

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Phantom is a popular comic book character created by Lee Falk in 1936. The series tells the story of a hero named The Phantom, who is the alter ego of Kit Walker, the 21st in a line of crime-fighters who have been protecting the fictional African country of Bangalla for over 400 years. The Phantom is known for his distinctive costume, which includes a purple suit, mask, and skull ring.

The Phantom comics have been published in numerous countries and have been translated into many languages. They have also been adapted into radio shows, television series, and movies. The character has become a cultural icon and has been referenced in various media.

In addition to his crime-fighting abilities, The Phantom is also known for his horse, Hero, and his pet wolf, Devil. The series has also featured many other memorable characters, including the Phantom’s love interest, Diana Palmer, and his arch-nemesis, the pirate known as The Singh Brotherhood.

Overall, The Phantom is a beloved comic book series that has stood the test of time and has remained popular among fans around the world.


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