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Shaktimaan Statue


Buy Shaktimaan Statue Custome Action Figure online. Made of Resin material and approximately 6 inches in height. Shaktiman is a famous indian comics hero who was popularly shown on tv show during the 90s and 2000. The main character was played by Mukesh Khanna. The super hero had various special abilities including super strength and ability to fly. He was a reporter by profession and used to fight crime. Get this amazing statue in high quality today.

There is a wait time of 4 weeks and statue is only available on pre-order. Price for International customers is 4500 INR plus the actual shipping charges. 

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Shaktimaan is a popular Indian superhero television series that aired on DD National from 1997 to 2005. The show was created by filmmaker Mukesh Khanna and follows the adventures of Shaktimaan, a superhero with powers derived from ancient Indian scriptures. The show was one of the first superhero series in India and was widely popular, particularly among children. It was known for its action-packed storylines and its message of good versus evil. The show was produced by Mukesh Khanna’s production company, Bhaskar Arts, and aired on DD National, a state-owned television channel in India.


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