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Shaktiputra Aur Adrashya Manav Radha Comics


Buy Online Shaktiputra Aur Adrashya Manav In late 80’s and 90’s Radha Comics emerged as a leading Indian Comics Book publisher. It was published by Radha Pocket Books, Meerut.The comics published where on a monthly basis and had six to four comics in a set.

The most successful series published by Radha Comics was that of Shaktiputra.The fictional character was similar to Robocop in appearance and abilities. He fights against crime and is cyborg fitted with human brain of Inspector Vikram.

Inspector Vikram devoted his life to fight criminals and Prof. Padhmanabhan, an eminent scientist of India made his body. His body is made of metal except his face, which too is covered with a helmet.

He has weapons like the sword, shield, laser revolver, and a special power in his helmet.

Condition:- Average/ Used
Pages: 64 (normal paper)
Editor: Manish Jain
Story: Shrimati Vatsala Kaushik
Picture: Drona Features

Sold out!

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Very soon Shaktiputra gets to know this story from the newspaper and jumps to action. The criminal then uses a long coat as a getup and goes to a police station playing the role of Shaktiputra and fooling the police. He also does several robberies which are blamed on our super hero. How will Shaktiputra find out the real culprit behind this invisible man story find out by buying this amazing action packed rare comics.

Shaktiputra is a super hero from Radha comics published in Hindi. He has a power sword and fights crime. In this comics we find that a invisible man is causing havoc in his city. The story of this Radha comics starts with a robbery done by an invisible man in the bank. The police of Karol Bagh, original road station is baffled by such news as similar robberies are happening in the city, next is at a jewellery shop. Buy Rare Radha comics online.  शक्तिपुत्र और अदृश्य मानव


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