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Shukral aur Khudabaap


Buy Shukral comics, Shukral aur Khudabaap online. Shukral’s body has been possesed by several spirits and he has been order to kill Khudabaap. Who is Khudabaap and who is the Aaka who has ordered Shukral to kill him. Shukral was living in the present when he breaks the jail and goes to a scientist who tells him about the past life. We do not guarantee that you will receive a first print of any comics picture is only for showcasing the comics cover.

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In this Shukral Comics, Shukral breaks the jail and visits a scientist who tells him about the past life where he had to kill a person named Khudabaap. Shukral is posesses by evil spirits and his Aaka orders him to kill the innocent person, what is this all about and what abilities does Shukral gain after inheriting these evil spirits inside him.


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