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Super Commando Dhurv Doctor Virus Buy Online

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Biologist Doctor Virus, who stole from another famous biologist, Dr. Vargis’s unique invention.He stole beta virus from Dr.Vargis and killed him. With,the help of that beta virus Dr.Virus  prepared his own viral army. But the Super commando Dhruv will not let his evil ideas win.

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The viral creature of Doctor Virus was about to kill Dhruva, But , there came a help for Dhruv.

In form of a wonderful man made of ice. In this comics we see  Dhruv’s friend Vanaputra also facing the viral organisms Dr. Virus.

He also comes to help Dhruv.

Who is this mysterious ice man who helped Dhruva? Will Dhruv, Iceman and Vanaputra together prevent the viral army of Doctor Virus.

Must read Comics of Super Commando Dhurv.

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